Sandwich of The Month

I will try to  promote something each issue through the power of sandwich and awesomeness. If you would like to sponsor this and become Sandwich in the  Month contact me at

1f00abfbb038ae1f4a44bfe5213fe3fe_original Issue 8 – When I have homemade jam in the house, I’ll make a peanut butter & jam sandwich, grill it, and then sprinkle confectioner’s sugar over it. It doesn’t really have a name but I could eat ten of them! by Michael Kingston And Headlocked

srillfagSlider 1- Eggplant parm, likes tuna salad, and more into pizza by Amanda, Matt, and Superkick Foundation


picture6 Turkey Club By Denver Colorado and Beyond Demand

Dino_Winwood Issue 5 – toasted Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich By Dino Winwood and Saturday Nights

Issue 4 – Good Turkey Seasoned right, with good bacon and fresh tomato By New Legacy Fighting Back and Fighting Back PWYW Donated Game

img_1543 Issue 3 – Grilled Cheese Sponsored By #BookIrie (Shigehiro Irie)