Wham and Cheese?

Welcome thank you for checking this out.

What is This

Wrestling Heroes Awesome Mayhem and Cheese! It is not really sure probably a blog, but not really and it is not a zine so it is Wrestling Thing Webzine. I hope I hope to bring you entertaining things such as random matches and random things. And also some very, very deep in-depth fun interviews.

Who Am I

I plug things and make okay jokes out is at at my Head Cheese account (why is Al Snow so angry has he ever watched frozen I am not really sure at all). i am a enthusiast of the pro wrestling and the comedy. Some have compared me to the “Sexual Chocolate” Mark Henry. I enjoy all kinds of wrestling. I am also have aspirations becoming graphic/vector/game designer. My portfolio is at http://headcheesearts.weebly.com/. Again thank you for visiting this website.