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Wham and Cheese Slider #3 With Razerhawk

What are some of your favorite aspects of being a pro wrestler?

Razerhawk – Being a professional wrestler means making a difference—it means going out there and fighting for what you believe in, and showing others they can do the same. Glory and trophies are all well and good, but myself and the rest of Xyberhawx2000 are here to ensure the triumph of right over wrong. That being said, some of my favorite aspects would have to be high-fives from the crowd, seeing smiles on people’s faces, and showing the galaxy that it doesn’t take a chiseled physique and superhuman strength to be #TooFly!
How would you describe your wrestling style?

Razerhawk – My wrestling style is… still under active development. It’s what I would consider a 0.01 alpha build. While I’ve taken great Lucha Libre influences from the teachings of Wrestle Factory trainers Mike Quackenbush and Ophidian, I also employ resiliency and intensity that I’ve learned from Drew Gulak and Fire Ant. This, with a bit of the reckless abandon that I’ve picked up from DUSTIN and Hallowicked, rounded off with the finesse taught by Juan Fransisco de Coronado, and I think I’ve got one of the more eccentric ways of doing things.

Because I’m one of the smallest competitors to enter a CHIKARA ring, I use my entire body as a weapon. My handspring body attack has taken down the likes of Cornelius Crummels, Fire Ant, and Merlok, and I dive from the ring without fear. Whatever it takes to get the job done—as long as it’s within the rules, I’ll do it. Sometimes I get too excited and my operating system freezes, but that’s only a minor setback. No matter what, though, I always get back up. I’ve been suplexed on my neck, stomped on my head, and thrown into chairs, and every time I eventually manage to get to my feet. I don’t care how big you are or how tough you think you are; I will fight you—anytime, anywhere. I will fight you on the moon! CawCaw!

You and Sylverhawk recently had your first Wrestlemainia weekend and
victory, what was that experience like?

Razerhawk – Sylver and I were very honored to a part of such a fly event!

As a young bird I remember being awestruck by the splendor of WrestleMania, and being in a city like Orlando—completely abuzz with the enthusiasm of thousands of wrestlers and pro wrestling fans—brought all of that back to me. It was humbling and exhilarating.

Indeed, I had the opportunity to meet other independent wrestlers whom I’ve admired for quite a while—wrestlers like Leva Bates and Su Yung, Grado and Matt Riddle—all due to the great relationships we’ve built with other independent promotions and talent. For that I am very grateful. Truth be told, I had to stop myself from getting too excited and geeking out on numerous occasions. But that’s all a part of the learning process. CawCaw!

I still can’t believe we managed to beat The Closers like we did—it wasn’t looking good for us, that’s for sure. Going into the match, Sylver and I discussed the need to be quicker than them in order to escape their power game. I got a little excited as I always do and kinda went off the deep end at Rick Roland, but we managed to rally and thanks to Sylverhawk’s quick action we got the pinfall victory! I think this will mean nothing but fly things for us in Season 18! CawCaw!

For people that have not seen Xyberhawx2000, how would you describe
Sylverhawk’s, Nytehawk’s, and your team?

Razerhawk – Well, if you haven’t witnessed the grace, precision, and high-flying abilities of Xyberhawx2000, then you’re seriously missing out! Together, we are a well-oiled machine, working in tandem to overwhelm our opponents with quick attacks from the sky!

Sylverhawk possesses a mastery of technical wrestling and is very deliberate in his movements. Nytehawk, meanwhile, is very methodical in his approach, but can also take to the air when called for. Both of them possess incredible signature maneuvers—Sylverhawk’s Flying Splash is a powerful crushing attack, and Nytehawk’s Spaceman Crossbody is a beautiful pinning combination; both are sights to behold, indeed. At the same time, my own Razer’s Edge move is simply brutal in its execution.

You can catch myself and the rest of the CHIKARA gang this Saturday, May 6 in Philadelphia for our next live event titled “The Eleventh Hour”, which will go live on at 3PM Eastern Time. Tickets are still available at This event will feature our 33-participant Infinite Gauntlet match, where only one person will walk away with a golden opportunity at a championship match. It’s gonna be fly!


— RH

You can learn more about CHIKARA at, or by following us on Twitter @chikarapro.

You can see Razerhawk’s social media here.




I enjoy wrestling, does wrestling enjoy me. Not sure.

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