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Wham and Cheese #8 With Interviews With Anthony Greene, Kikutaro, and Michael Kingston

It has been a while since I done this. Thank you very much.  for checking this out. Also in their is also coloring pages and crossword puzzles. Thank you for checking tell m8e if you like the new format down below after you finish reading this. If you want a playlist of the YouTube videos, you check it out here

I could sadly not find any 8 Ball gif’s but, when searched up wrestling this popped up. Because 8 year old kids doing Ace Crusher’s.


You can follow Anthony Greene at his Twitter and Instagram account.

You check out Kikutaro’s Pro Wrestling Tee’s store, Twitter, and if would like to contact/book him at you can email him at

Headlocked is having Kickstarterickstarter. You can get a get a special variant edition featuring stories by Ric Flair, Mick Foley, Cody Rhodes, and Kenny Omega. You can find them @Headlockedcomic on their social media accounts.




Anthony Greene

What are some of your favorite aspects of wrestling and being a wrestler?

Anthony Greene – My favorite aspect of wrestling and being a wrestler is the larger than life characters and being able to captivate a crowd. If I’m able to make a person forget about their troubles, even for 8-10 minutes. I can say I’m living my dream.

How would you describe your wrestling style?

Anthony Greene – I wouldn’t say I have one style of wrestling that I follow. But I’m good all around. I will say that I definitely like to have a good time when I’m out there, but can flip the switch when I have to.

You have tag team wrestling partnerships with Brick Mastone (in ΑΣΣ) and Cam Zagami (in Cam-An Connection); what is it like being part of these two tag teams?

Anthony Greene – Both teams are unique to me. They both allow me to show a different side to myself and have given me opportunities I probably wouldn’t have wrestling singles. Most recently, Beyond Wrestling has taken a liking to Alpha Sigma Sigma and we’ve been featured on their YouTube multiple times since July.

You have been undefeated in Limitless Wrestling, what do you do you think has contributed to your big success in this promotion?

Anthony Greene – I think my successes at Limitless Wrestling have come a lot from the crowd getting behind me so quickly. My first two opportunities there kinda happened by chance and I made the most out of each one, big or small.
Because of this, I think Randy saw something in me and gave me some of the biggest opportunities I’ve had to date.


What are your some of your favorite parts of wrestling?

Kikutaro -of course comedy!

i make laugh for crowd
laugh make smile
smile make happy
happy make good life
this is my life
Where do you find inspiration for your comedy?
Kikutaro – from everything in my life in the town

What are some of your favorite opponents?

Kikutaro – of couse Kuishinbo Kamen
Colt Cabana
Joey Ryan
Chuck Taylor
Dick Justice 

Gabai Graanpa

Ultimo Panda
Jojo Bravo

(Editor note – You can see him and Darin Corbin at Freelance Wrestling Raw Power show and Smart Mark Video)

What are some of your favorite things that are JUSTICE?
Kikutaro – make laugh
drive car
finding UFO
watch great landscape in the world

Michael Kingston

What are some of your favorite aspect/aspects of pro wrestling and comic books?

Michael Kingston – I love the fact that wrestling and comics are almost identical. Both feature larger than life characters in tights fighting over good and evil. I mean, in all actuality, being a pro wrestler is the closest thing you can get to being a real life superhero. Although I don’t write a superhero comic, per se…superheroes tend to be the default when people think of comics. It is something I am hoping to change…and actively trying to change, given that I write a comic book drama. 

How would you describe Headlocked?

Michael Kingston – Headlocked is an HBO style drama about a college theater major that unexpectedly falls in love professional wrestling. The story chronicles his journey through the wrestling business starting on day zero. So on one hand, we learn the craft of wrestling through the eye’s of a performance artist but at the same time, he’s navigating the seedy underbelly of the wrestling business on his quest to get to the bright lights and the big stage.

The cool thing about the book is that almost all of the art is done by actual professional wrestlers. Jerry “The King” Lawler paints the covers and the interiors are done by Michel Mulipola, a Samoan wrestler from New Zealand. So it’s a story about the art of wrestling and all the art is done by wrestlers.

 What should people expect when reading Headlocked?
Michael Kingston – As far as what to expect? It’s a coming of age story….it’s completely accessible to anyone. Lots of people have enjoyed Rocky without ever having watched a single boxing match. It’s one part Whiplash, one part The Wrestler, and one part Almost Famous if that makes sense. 
What has been like working with wrestlers?
Michael Kingston – Honestly, its been as cool as you’d think it is. As a lifelong fan, its been a dream come true to not only collaborate with these guys but to have them treat you as an equal or in some cases, friends. It’s something I never try to lose sight of.

Michael Kingston And Headlocked

Michael Kingston – When I have homemade jam in the house, I’ll make a peanut butter & jam sandwich, grill it, and then sprinkle confectioner’s sugar over it. It doesn’t really have a name but I could eat ten of them!
If you want to contact me at you can contact at my email or my.


I enjoy wrestling, does wrestling enjoy me. Not sure.

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