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Wham and Cheese Slider #1 With People from The Super Kick Foundation

The Superkick Foundation is working with CHIKARA on Saturday.

(This foundations website and the twitter is @superkickfndn. Amanda has her own twitter which is @amandafndn.)

How would you describe the Superkick Foundation?

Amanda Stockla – We are comprised of young ambitious individuals who strive to make a difference in the lives of others. We pride ourselves on being a 100% fan-run organization, run by young, brilliant and philanthropic individuals who will always be available to those in need. We wish to thank those who are constantly putting themselves on the line for our entertainment and spread the fighting spirit of wrestling to those need it most.

What does the Superkick Foundation do?

Amanda Stockla – We serve three main entities, the first being wrestlers. We buy their merchandise through donations to help fund their efforts as performers and to thank them for all they do. We directly donate funds to wrestlers especially if there is a dire expense such as a medical bill needing to be paid and we promote them and their events through our social media.

We also serve those in need which includes but is not limited to homeless and low-income men, women, children, and veterans. We provide them with the merchandise bought from wrestlers so they have new, clean and useful materials and hold events in which food is served, conversation is had, and the fighting spirit of wrestling is shared. We also have been fundraising to sponsor those less fortunate to attend local wrestling shows in hopes of sending less fortunate fans to shows whereas they may never have been able to have attended otherwise.

Lastly we aim to serve our supports. We have constant freebies and giveaways and are always out attending events and meeting fellow pro wrestling fans. We love hearing new ideas and are always open to conversation. We also support our supporters in their own causes and own dire situations for without them we would never have gotten as far as we are today.

What are some of your favorite aspects of wrestling?

Matt – Favorite aspects..the art of it–the ring psychology and the story telling that create the magic in pro wrestling, the excellent athleticism of all pro wrestlers regardless of gender, color, and size, and of course, the achievements of Matt and Nick Jackson and Kenny Omega are admirable in themselves, and are so inspirational that they can give someone a new lease on life.

How did you meet up and decide to with CHIKARA?

Matt – A large part of how we get people aware of us is through social media, so we reached out to Mike Quackenbush on Facebook and asked if he would be interested in having us serve CHIKARA. The CEO thinks of CHIKARA in an incredibly high regard, and it was really the one promotion he wanted us to partner with because of the messages of positivity they always send. After a couple of phone calls, CHIKARA volunteered to donate some apparel for us which we recently donated at a large homeless shelter, and was so much behind our cause that he suggested that we become the featured charity for National Pro Wrestling Day.

Sandwich of the Month

Amanda’s fav sandwich: Does eggplant parm and likes tuna salad

Matt is not a a huge sandwich person; more into pizza.



I enjoy wrestling, does wrestling enjoy me. Not sure.

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