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Wham and Cheese Slider #2 With Ethan Alexander Sharpe

You can follow his Twitter account at @EthanASharpe. You can follow CWF Mid-Atlantic’s (@cwfmidatlantic)  and NOVA Pro Wrestling’s (@VAWrestling) accounts on twitter. and also mention that you can see him wrestling on 2/4 at CWF (provided this gets uploaded before then) and on 2/17 at NOVA Pro.


What are some of your favorite aspects of wrestling and being a pro wrestler?

My favorite aspect of wrestling is winning. I enjoy few things in life more than firmly establishing my dominance over everyone foolish enough to challenge me.

What are some of your favorite aspects of being so rich?

Ethan Alexander Sharpe – As for being rich, I love the power it gives me over others. Knowing that, for the right price, I can make people do my bidding for me gives me a sense of satisfaction that’s nearly impossible to describe

How would you describe your wrestling style?

Ethan Alexander Sharpe –  My wrestling style is extremely pragmatic, with a single goal in mind: Achieve victory, no matter the cost.

What is like hanging out and tag teaming with the Number Man and Boy?

Ethan Alexander Sharpe –  I don’t actually associate with them when they aren’t either by my side as minions in the ring, or handling the accounting at Sharpe Manor, so there’s not much to say about “hanging out”, as you put it. However, they have proven to be helpful sidekicks. Best of all, they work for a very modest paycheck, which is important for me, as I typically spend exorbitant amounts of money on myself.

What is it like at the Sharpe Manor?

Ethan Alexander Sharpe –  Imagine an estate of palatial proportions, far surpassing the opulence of even the grandest stadiums across the world. Imagine decadence not seen since the days of Caligula. Imagine a fleet of the finest chefs, tailors, chauffeurs, and maids money can buy. That is just a mere taste of what life at my Manor is like.

What do you consider some of your favorite moments/matches of your
career so far?

Ethan Alexander Sharpe –  The night I defeated Jesse Adler to become RGL Champion in my very first Battlecade appearance, the 2015 CWF Rumble, where I set the Ironman record for longest time in a single rumble at 50:23, and most recently, my dominant victory over Matthew de Nero in 12-man tag team action at Battlecade X-Seven are some of my proudest achievements. All of these moments of mine, and more can be found on CWF Mid-Atlantic’s YouTube channel, and I strongly encourage anyone reading this interview to go there and study my excellence.



I enjoy wrestling, does wrestling enjoy me. Not sure.

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