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WHAM and Cheese Issue 7 SPECIAL CHRISTMAS THEMED ISSUE (Smiley, Francis Kip Stevens,  Rex Lawless, Devin Sparks, Prakash Sabar, and more)

Prakash Sabar

What is your favorite aspects of wrestling?

Prakash Sabar – My favorite aspect of wrestling is being rebellious and doing and saying whatever I want. I don’t care about offending or hurting feelings of other wrestlers or fans.

How would you describe your style?
Prakash Sabar – I wrestle like a punk. I like using kicks, but also taunt opponents throughout the match. I am willing to do whatever it takes to win.

You recently wrestled your doppelganger X-Pac at King of Trios; what was it like wrestling X-Pac?

Prakash Sabar – As for wrestling Waltman at Trios, you really should ask him about it because the honor should’ve been all his. He finally got to cross paths with the man he’s been stealing from over the past three years. The only reason he beat me was because I wasn’t ready. The Trios tag gauntlet only has ten teams and we were last, so DX shouldn’t have even comes.

How has been your return to Pakistan?

Prakash Sabar – The return to Pakistan has been surreal. When I got exiled and had to move to the Republic of Georgia, I never thought I’d be allowed back. But Pakistan is my homeland and it’s just too sweet to be able to return.

What is next for you and the Bloc Party?

Prakash Sabar – I’ve recently left Chikara and the Bloc Party pretty much for absorbed into the United Nations. Sadly, Captain Juan Francisco de Coronado left us after we lost in the second round of King of Trios this year. I wish the best of luck to the Proletariat Boar of Moldova, Mr. Azerbaijan, and even Captain Juan, with the rest of their time in Chikara. They’ll all do really well.

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What is your favorite aspects of wrestling?

Smiley – Smiley has many favorite aspects of wrestling like the mass verity of syles and character like the ability to go out in front of a crowd and cause them to cheer and boo and jump out of their seats it’s a moment of immortality when your standing between those ropes

How would you describe Smiley’s style?

Smiley – Smiley’s style is very unique in the sense that he uses a high flying style but also has a wide verity of more technical submissions and has been known to brawl when he needs to and on top of that enjoys using a psychological aspect with his multiple masks and his hiding tricks to play with his opponents mind

What is the Fairchild Asylum?

Smiley – Fairchild asylum for the mentally deranged is the establishment where smiley is kept between wrestling event we monitor his mental state and try to rehibilitate him but for the past 4 years feels like he has been driving the staff as crazy as he is

Where does he come up with his innovative moves?

Smiley – No one really knows where Smiley comes up with his wild and crazy offense he spends hours and hours thinking by him self and his mind is always running wild with how he can put a hurting on some one

Who are some opponents Smiley would like to face?

Smiley – Smiley has so so so many he would like to get in the ring with AR Fox, Paul London, Delirious, he loves Lucha Underground so anyone from there definitely and some lesser known people like Nicky Heat, Marq Quen, and Mike Graca but in smileys eyes he wants to wrestle everyone cause he can learn something from everyone he steps in the ring with

(Smiley can be found on all social media like Facebook (smiley the psycho lucha) Instagram and twitter (smiley_lucha) and on pro wrestling tees as well)

Francis Kipland Stevens

What is your favorite aspect of wrestling?

FKS – My favorite aspect of wrestling is being able to entertain. There is nothing better than hearing the crowd react to something that you perform in the ring.

How would you describe your style?

FKS  – I guess my style can be described as comedic. Dressing the way I do lends itself to more comedic action. With that being said I can execute a traditional wrestling move or two when needed.

What do you think lead you to comedy wrestling as a style?

FKS – A few things. I don’t know if you noticed but I’m not the biggest wrestler on multiple rosters. So I’m not going to stand out due to my size. Also I have the athletic ability of a slug so I’m not dazzling anyone with my move set. So I knew I had to have a different and clever style.

Another huge influence is Colt Cabana. The first independent wrestling show I went to he stood out so much. He’s an incredible performer and the way he interacts with a live crowd is special. After seeing him perform that’s what made me realize I didn’t have to be Triple H to be a wrestler, I could be something different and still entertain

What has attracted you to hip hop music?

FKS – I’m actually not a big hip hop fan. My theme song was chosen for me as a rib.

What has been your favorite opponent?

FKS – I’ve been lucky with some of my opponents. It’s impossible to have a bad match with Alex Reynolds. Although it was brief I had a tag match with CPA against Brian Myers and Pat Buck that I enjoyed. Papadon was a wrestler that always brought out the best in me, we had good chemistry. I feel bad because I’m leaving out so many people that I enjoyed wrestling with.
Who people you would like to wrestle?

FKS – Who would I like to wrestle, anyone better than me. It’s a boring answer but I’m always trying to get better in the ring and the only way to do that is wrestle people better than you. But my dream match would be against Colt Cabana.

(You can check out his  Facebook at . and his twitter is @franciskipstvs IG: . You can also check out Francis’s home school is Create A Pro wrestling in Hicksville NY.)

Rex Lawless

How would you describe your wrestling style?

Rex Lawless – I would describe my wrestling style as a hybrid of classic big man/power with some Lucha sprinkled in. I try to do things guys my size shouldn’t be able to do as well as use my size, strength and power.

What are some things you enjoy most about being a wrestler and a Poseidon?

Rex Lawless – Things I enjoy about being a wrestler is getting to travel to places that I would probably have never been to otherwise. The feeling you get performing on a big show. The friendships and bonds you make with your peers. And about being a Poseidon… Getting to pretty much be goofy and make people laugh. Being Poseidon was some of the most fun I’ve had on wrestling!

Your doppelgänger Rick Rolland has recently entered Chikara with Sloan Caprice to bodyguard The Big Deal, how did they meet up the Big Deal?

Rex Lawless – The Big Deal hired us to make sure he no one trys to take advantage of him. So far he is undefeated in Trios And singles competition with our help. Sloan and I are also looking to dominate the tag team division in Chikara, and are known as The Closers.

What was it like growing up with John Silver and Chuck Tayor/DUSTIN as brothers?

Rex Lawless – It’s always fun whenever those two are involved! Lots of laughs of course. And they grew up to become two of the most entertaining wrestlers on the indies!

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Devin Sparks

What is your favorite aspect/aspects of wrestling?

Devin Sparks – I enjoy the entertainment aspect of it all: the spectacle, the suspense, the energy, it all comes together to form something incredible when done right. Look at WrestleMania. There’s nothing like it in the world.

How would you describe your wrestling style?

Devin Sparks – Old school heel. A lot of character work.

(Editors Note: What Devin means by heel is not the foot park, he means bad guy)

Where did you get the name of American Kaiju?

Devin Sparks – I came up with the name because I wanted to sound larger than life after my tour with DDT. Kaiju was kind of funny to me. When you hear the name Kaiju you think of some huge monster of a person, but instead you get me. So I make it up with my personality.

Speaking of DDT, have you kept on kept in contact with any of your partners from T2Hide?

Devin Sparks – No really outside of Ric Ellis although I’ve chatted with a few members from the DDT roster here and there. I Just recently had the honor of working with Shigehiro Irie at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood and was estatic. I had a list of guys in my head that I wanted to wrestle over there, and got to wrestle all but two. Shigehiro was one of them. I figured I’d get to wrestle him eventually, but never thought it would be in the States, much less my home promotion.

Who are some people you want to wrestle?

Devin Sparks – There’s a lot of people I’d like to work. It’s hard to narrow it down. I think the more people you work, the better, all different types and sizes. But I’d love to work guys like Roderick Strong, Zack Sabre Jr., and TJ Perkins, but the list is by no means limited to them. Too many to count really.

(You check out watch Championship Wrestling From Hollywood on the Fite TV  app and follow me him at @devinsparks on Twitter and at @AmericanKaiju on Instagram.)

Wrestler’s Doing Christmas Things

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I enjoy wrestling, does wrestling enjoy me. Not sure.

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