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WHAM and Cheese Issue 6 (Brian Da Brain, David Starr,  Denver Colorado, Heather Monroe, and more)

Its another one these, the sixth edition of Wham and Cheese. Sandwiches, wrestling, and more. Speaking of six.

Brian Da Brain


What is your favorite thing/things about design about wrestling and designing?

Brian Da Brain – My favorite thing about designing wrestling graphic art is people reacting the same way I did when I came up with the idea. I have this vision in my head of what I think would look cool for a poster or cover art or whatever and I just make it. When people respond with the same positivity as I did when I made it, it warms my heart.

The same thing goes for any other project I do for work or for practice. My goal is to have people see the same vision I do in my head. I love to communicate some sort of message in my graphic design work and it’s even better when people pick up on that message.

What are some of your favorite things you have designed?

Brian Da Brain – Of course the BOLA cards which completely changed things for me. My other top pick pick would be my Mystery Vortex III poster. I’m so proud it came out the way it did. That got a lot of praise by people too. When I saw the subtitle of “Rock and Shock the Nation” I immediately recognized the lyrics from “Da’ Mystery of Chess Boxing” by Wu-Tang Clan and then the idea of the poster built from there.


When did you first meet with PWPonderings and start working with them?

Brian Da Brain – May 25, 2012. That was the day of PWG’s Death to All but Metal. Jerome and Chris said they were flying-in for the show. I listened to their podcasts on the regular and reached out to them. I e-mailed about possibly being the PWG/LA representative. We met at the show. They trusted me enough to podcast on my first night in. Everything went smoothly and I joined PWP from their.

(Note: You can that out over here with Ray Rosas, Famous, and B-Boy at .

If you want to contact Brian for design work DM him on twitter. Also check out PW Ponderings affiliate link with highspots

David Starr


When did you know were The King of Taunts?

David Starr – I came up with the nickname and style organically while I was a part of Juicy Product. It stuck and I really enjoy doing it.

What is your favorite aspect/aspects of wrestling and cats?
David Starr – What a combination haha. I like the art and emotionally draw from wrestling. It can really tug at your heartstrings. Cats are awesome because they are difficult to crack, but once they love you they show it and it’s adorable. They are independent and they are hilarious.

How would you describe your wrestling style?

David Starr – A hybrid of everything

How was least favorite thing about mustard?

David Starr – The fact that it’s the spawn of Satan. That’s probably the worst thing about it.

Will the world ever know the meaning of #JML?

David Starr – If you don’t know, then you don’t know.

Check out The Product’s social media and Merch stores
(Website –, Twitter – @TheProductDS, and  Merch – with

Denver Colorado


What is your favorite part of running wrestling promotions?

Denver Colorado- i love when we put together a complicated angle and the performers nail the timing and the fans lose their mind.

When did you come with the change of tag line Craft Wrestling?

Denver Colorado – Within the last year when WWE started using guys that weren’t under contract. Tumi independent wrestling means independent of a corporation or a contract. In that way NXT is independent wrestling since they are featuring guys that are not signed. So then I thought what makes Beyond wrestling different than NXT. We are an artisanal wrestling promotion. Small batch specialty professional wrestling

Like a craft beer

How would you describe your two Tournament for Today’s you running?

Denver Colorado – Rather than focusing on up-and-coming athletes we’re focusing on the best 8 men’s wrestlers and 8 women’s wrestlers that we already work with.

Where did you get the idea to book Keith Lee vs Zack Sabre Jr?

Denver Colorado – Both guys have been asking for it and I think we teased it on Twitter once and it got a lot of activity.

Sandwich of Month

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Turkey Club. Beyond Wrestling Tournament for Today is on November 6th. You can subscribe to Beyond’s streaming service to see Beyond Wrestling and Women’s Wrestling Revolution Project at (if someone tries to sign up and it says it is not available in their country,  you can contact Denver can change that so they can access it).

Heather Monroe


What is your favorite thing/things about cats and wrestling?

Heather Monroe – I have a million things that I love about both wrestling and cats. I’ll limit it to three though.
Cats are these sassy, silly creatures that live their lives according to their own rules and I dig that.
Wrestling is the amazing form of art that combines athletic competition with storytelling and I love how engrossed you can get in it all.
Cats give you so much love and I love cuddling with both my cats, Miss Elizabeth and Max.
Wrestling fans also give so much love. And I absolutely adore meeting young girls that come to wrestling shows and look up to the women wrestlers. I think female wrestlers are such good role models for them because we’re fierce, brave and we work really hard.
These are certainly two of my absolute favorite things!
How would you describe your wrestling style?
Heather Monroe – I do an american lucha style. I like to bring in a lot of lucha libra style moves but I also incorporate a lot of kicks and strikes.
Where has been your favorite place to travel and wrestle?
Heather Monroe – I have been really lucky with the opportunities that I’ve been given to travel all over the US and in Europe. My favorite places to travel have to be up the Pacific Northwest, Portland, Seattle and Vancouver were all really amazing places. I would say my favorite places to perform were over in Europe, up in the Netherlands and Scandinavia people were really receptive to what we were doing as Luchafer with Puscifer and they gave me a lot of energy and it was just so fun.
When did you and Laura James decide to become a tag team, what has been your favorite part of teaming?
Heather Monroe – I met Laura on the Puscifer tour, we had crossed paths in So Cal before but we really got to know each other on tour and we found out how much we were alike and so we decided to get a tag team going. My favorite part is just being able to let loose in the ring with her and show my fun side, I really enjoy comedy in wrestling and I think Laura helps bring that out in me and we have such a good time. She’s my Bae.
(She is going to be in Berwyn, IL for the first RISE show Ignite on November 10th. You can see her social media @heatherisme on twitter and Instagram. You can also Like and befriend Heather Monroe on Facebook.)

Question of the Month?



I enjoy wrestling, does wrestling enjoy me. Not sure.

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