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WHAM and Cheese Issue 5 (Interviews with Branden O’Connor, Dino Winwood, The Dirty Daddy, and Derek Gamble)

Welcome to the longest official Wham  And Cheese Thing. Now you when someone ask you how Wham and Cheese things to get to mention John Zandig you can exclaim that their was been five of ’em; it took five of e’m. And also their is a poll.


Branden O’Connor

00015671_2014_Branden Slayer_Independent

(I am talking about Matt Novak about his tag team Generation Kill/Flying Francis)

What would you consider your style as a tag team?

Branden O’Connor – I don’t think we ever thought this through to be honest. I believe our “style” would pretty much just be a mix between highflying and technical. We try to keep the action in there as much as possible from the second we go out the curtain until the we get in the back. We want the fans to be invested in us even if they’ve never heard of us before. Especially when we go somewhere we’ve never been before and we wrestle the hometown guys, we’ll get the action flowing directly when the bell rings to get the attention that this is gonna be entertaining.

What is your your favorite aspect of wrestling?

Branden O’Connor – Favorite aspect on wrestling, on my end is the emotion we are able to share with the fans. From the excitement when we do a cool spot or when we hit a comback to the sympathy when we get into a heat. The reactions and the back an forth emotions are what makes me love doing this. From an outside persepective, I just love it. The mix of athleticism and storytelling is just incredible. I can’t really describe it. It has it’s on world where anything and everything can happen in a very entertaining way. I just love it.

You guys were not always a tag team, what inspired you guys to become a tag team?

Branden O’Connor – We are best friends. We listen to the same music, have the same sense of humor, we just have this chemistry, so we thought we could bring it out there and see what happens. Turns out it works pretty well.

What music and comedy do you watch and listen to

Branden O’Connor – We listen anywhere from pop-punk like Yellowcard, State Champs, All Time Low to heavy stuff like Memphis May Fire, A Day To Remember, Bless The Fall, etc. For the comedy, dark humor and absurd a lot.

You have had really good matches against TDT in many promotions, what is it like wrestling them?

Branden O’Connor – It’s always a blast. There was a time where we were just married to TDT. I think the only place we have not wrestled them is Chikara. We have fought everywhere at least once. They were mentors to us when we first came in as a team in Battlewar. They saw how serious we were about this and trying to make it. They always stood up for us. The very first match we did as a team after 3-4 years of not working together Novak and I was at Battlewar against them and they are the ones who inspired Novak and I to team again. Everytime it just creates a chaos. I guess their agressive style mixes well with our ability to throw ourselves everywhere haha. We just love it. They’re really cool dudes and I’m sure we have plenty more matches to come.

You teamed this year with another one of your best friends Buxx Belmar and even one the tag champions what it was  it teamed with him?

Branden O’Connor – It came from out of nowhere. Really unexpected, but it was really fun. The fact that we were both so different was weird to me at first, but that’s what made it work i feel like. We tried to find a gimmick together, but our next booking came so fast that we just went out there and goof off. Turns out it worked.

Branden O’Connor – If anybody wants to follow us they can do it on our Facebook Page “Matt Novak & Branden O’Connor” on my youtube channel “Branden O’Connor” and our twitters are @brandenslayer and @mattFNnovak. I also have merch coming out soon so stay tuned on those pages to know whats going on with this.

Dino Winwood

When did you and Joe Method decide to join forces together to build Saturday Knights?

Dino Winwood – We had decided about a year ago if I remember correctly. I had asked him to help me put together just a Kickstarter at the time I didn’t really know much about how to go about making any video games . while he had been a developer for a while with his company. what happened was I ended up accidentally pitching in the whole game it seemed every bit that I would tell him he got more and more interested I then proceeded to show him all the notes I had been taking for the past decade everything was detailed even plans for a downloadable content and tournaments for the fans to play when I was finished all he said was I’m sold. I then proceeded to ask him great so where do I start with the kickstarter? To which he answered no I want to help you make the game

Since that day we had been putting everything in the proper format to proceed forward the only thing missing was funding

As a video gamer, what do you think makes the AKI engine so revered?

Dino Winwood – I think it’s many things and not just one element that makes that engine still love to this day. There’s so many things that it holds that the big-budget releases have forgotten. Everything from a character holding a part of their body that’s been work done for a while all the way to doing moves that don’t require 3 specials even with the AI that game still holds up to this day

Personally I also think that’s because there’s no mini games LOL but that’s a personal preference

Are you going to do any voice overs for the game?

Dino Winwood – If I do any voice work it will be subtle. I want to keep myself as behind the scenes as possible so that the talent and the game is the main focus.

Can you further explain the Create a death match and the PG Hardcore Mode?

Dino Winwood – Create a deathmatch mode is the one step further that we have really yet to see. Watching matches from all over the world over the years I have seen some creative deathmatches and they have evolved beyond the simple barb wire and or thumbtacks. So why not allow the fans to make their own? It’s a big part of wrestling and it feeds the hunger to want to see wrestlers who don’t normally do those matches, to actually being in one.

Among the many creative ways to do a deathmatch I have seen some alternative methods when watching comedy matches. Instead of thumbtacks it’s sprinkles or glitter, instead of lighttubes it’s Pool Noodles, basically a safety deathmatch. Lol Plus it’s our way of making fun of censorship, they feel the best way to go about things is to not show certain elements, so we decided to have that be a bit of a wacky turn.

Dino Winwood – I want to give a shout out to my Brothers at new LEGACY Inc, Sinn Bodhi’s Freak Show Wrestling, Alternative Wrestling Show, Santino Brothers, Underground Empire Wrestling, Championship Wrestling From Hollywood, Inter Species Wrestling, and every other promotion out there that is doing their own thing and that I hope we get in the near future.


Dirty Daddy


What is your favorite aspect/aspects of wrestling and how would describe your wrestling style?

Dirty Daddy – My favorite aspect of wrestling is the fan interaction and crowd support, they keep me going and motivate me to keep fighting. As far as my wrestling style goes I’m a hard hitting, gritty, old school wrestler who uses strategic wrestling holds to break down my opponent over the course a match.
You where exiled from United States wrestling territorial system for nearly 30 years, what did you do while waiting to return?

Dirty Daddy – Well I was stranded in Puerto Rico with no job so I played pro baseball down there for 15 years, I was basically the Carlos colon of baseball. I was also a male model for fanny packs in the magazines and on the local TV. I never wrestled in PR though because of a serious motorboat accident I got into down there but after 30 years of rehab my body is all healed up the ban has been lifted from wrestling in the states so it’s back to making towns and getting down and dirty.
What made you decide to go to the CWF Mid-Atlantic Rising Generation League, how did it feel to win your first documented champion in the RGL Champion?

Dirty Daddy – When I was ready to make my in ring return almost a year ago I called up some of my old wrestling pals from the Crockett days to see what the landscape of the business was like and they told me that there was a promotion in Gibsonville NC called cwf midatlantic and they still do business and wrestle like we used to back in the day just with more athleticism. So I figured that would be the perfect place for me to restart my wrestling journey so I went to the sportatoriam and management told me I had a good resume but none of it was documented so I would have to prove myself to them In order to get a shot. Well they have a division called the rising generation league which is made up of young hungry guys just starting out in the business (greenhorns as I like to call them), so I told management let me prove myself by starting all over again in the RGL beat up some young guys and earn my spot and they agreed. So that’s what I did and now I’m the current RGL champion and it’s truly satisfying for a grizzled vet like myself to not coast on my reputation but start over prove myself and earn my spot. It means the world to me to know that not only can I still hang with these young athletes in the rising generation league, but I am the champion of the division which means I’m the best and I will forever be grateful and honored that CWF midatlantic gave me the opportunity to come back to the sport I love so so much.

Derek Gamble

What is favorite/s part with working at highspots and their being part of the gimmick tables?

Derek Gamble – My favorite part of working at Highspots is getting my paycheck. All joking aside, I really enjoy what I do. Every day can bring new and interesting challenges and I am constantly busy. I have been busy enough outside of work to not go on the road as much anymore, but it was tons of fun. There’s not many jobs out there that let you travel, set up a gimmick table ringside, and hang out with wrestling fans! I honestly enjoy driving a bit too much. I would take road trips as a challenge. I drove all night from Charlotte to St Louis to a St Louis Anarchy show without swapping out, just because I wanted to prove that I could. I loved having the opportunity to have my own YouTube show with The #GimmickTable. While I am still sad that it’s no longer a thing, we have so many projects going on that taking time away from them to produce a YouTube show just isn’t what’s best in the end.

What is your favorite part of traveling?

Derek Gamble – That’s honestly a tough question. Driving is a lot of fun, hearing stories is great, creating new stories is another. I think the food might be my favorite. Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of great food in NC, but without going on road trips, I wouldn’t get the chance to try White Castle! I’ve been to amazing places like Nardelli’s in Connecticut, Sonny Bryan’s in Dallas, Steve’s Prince of Steaks in Philly, and even a diner, I can’t remember the name, but they had pancakes a la mode with a homemade maple walnut ice cream! It may sound a little crazy to say it tops everything, but getting to do something like eat Mexican food in San Jose is just an amazing experience. Good food can make a bad trip great, and it’s always a good time getting to eat with friends on road trips.

Did White Castle live up to the hype set by Harold and Kumar?

Derek Gamble – White Castle was good, but I don’t think it was THAT good. I don’t know if there’s a fast food place on the planet that could live up to that much hype! Maybe Cookout…

What is it like in the Highspots center with all the things that go on there?

Derek Gamble – Highspots is a small business, and there’s always something going on. It can be a madhouse sometimes, but we really work hard to get whatever we need to done. To a wrestling fan, we’re a website to buy DVD’s and merchandise (like autographs or figures). To a wrestler, we are a website to buy gear from. To a promoter, we are a website to buy a wrestling promotion! I could go on and on listing all of the things we provide people for wrestling.

I jokingly say I’m killing dreams when I tell people the truth about working at Highspots. It’s a real job with real work. People have asked me on multiple occasions if we just sit around and watch wrestling all day! I barely get the time to watch wrestling anymore, our library is so vast and we’re always getting new stuff in.i

Highspots is releasing PWG Thirteen is will be being released soon and also

Who wins?


Sandwich of Month


Dino Winwood chose toasted Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich “its great when the 2 squish together on soft bread but its a whole new world when the heat of the toasted bread makes them melt into each other. For extra love put on “Melt With You” by Modern English as you are making it and it just makes it even better.”.

Check out the website for Saturday Nights and all of their info of all of their socail media’s



I enjoy wrestling, does wrestling enjoy me. Not sure.

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