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WHAM and Cheese Issue 4 The California Twitter Quote Insert Edition  (Cara De Leon, Sasha Darevko, Rep Alec, asking Wrestling Twitter, and My Failed Attempt to Start The Turo Yano #GLORIOUSBOMB)

Welcome to the fourth issue Wham and Cheese. This is the second accidentally themed edition issue in a row this is California edition. If everybody from Ferndale, California reads this . Click the read more to here a sung by Joey Ryan about California


Sasha Darevko


From the pussy cat hating part of California

(This interveiw was taken place before Sasha Darevko’s twin Mike Vega wrestled on SmackDown Live! with Mikey O’shea in a battle against  American Alpha)

How would you describe your wrestling style?

Sasha Darevko – Russian (He said the “Russian wrestling style is pounding pussycats into submission.”)

What are some of your favorite aspects of wrestling?

Sasha Darevko – My favorite part is wrestling is making the pussycats cry.

What are your general thoughts on pussycats and is calling people pussycats a form of endearment or anger?

Sasha Darevko – A pussycat is a weak, puny man who is woman like and cries like little girl.  Does that sound good to you comrade?

What is your goal with professional wrestling?

Sasha Darevko – Making lots of American money for beating up their pitiful men

Cara De Leon


From Lucha Loin Part of Deep in The Jungles of California
How would you describe your style

Cara De Leon – American/luncha and Japanese all together. I hit hard I can fly but I can also tap you out on the mat

What are some/one of your favorite aspects of wrestling?

Cara De Leon – The bond that we have as wrestlers and the ability to tell stories.

You and Oso have been seeming to have quite the intense matches with Oso Blanco, can lions and white bears generally get along?

Cara De Leon – Well they live in different areas but I think they would never be able to get along since both animals are the alpha and would want to control the territory. Oso is my biggest rival.

You recently said that the greatest match of your career with Oso and Eli Everfly at Night 2 of FCW’s Comic Con weekend show, what makes this match so special for you?

Cara De Leon – Yes sir, it was special because we all gave it everything we had. If you watch the match again you’ll see there isn’t a moment of rest for anyone, most triple threats have down time but mostly in our match we are all fighting the whole time. It was a real war

(Cara wanted tell you guys on August 24th at Go! Go! Lucha he will be facing against Scorpio Sky)

Repa Lec


The Designer District In California

How would you describe your designing style?

Repa Lec – Just in terms of pure aesthetics… I didn’t really have one. Most of Ballad of Notwinski’s development was me thinking of concepts, seeing where VX Ace could take me with the concept, and ‘building the bridge’, so to speak, from there. For example, one day I was listening to one of the battle themes in the game’s sound-test utility, playing with the pitches, and that’s when I realized ‘Hey, this sounds kinda cool ramping it up from 75% pitch all the way up to 150%. I wonder if I can do anything with that?’ and that led to a scenario where one of the bosses – I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t played yet – forces you to re-battle them several times with the tone of the battle theme getting quicker and quicker, more and more chaotic as the defeats come.

The same goes with character designs – I had originally intended on having everyone who called into newLEGACYinc’s marathon stream last year included as a playable character, from Uno to Yuma to Jervis to Everett, etcetera. I’d even gotten that to a stage where I was mapping out playstyles (Uno and Yuma would have played like Gogo and Umaro from FF6) and the beginning bits of character stories. And then when it came to actually designing the sprites, with Jervis getting the strange thief clothing and Russo looking like a Doctor Strange cosplay, for example, those actually ended up informing how I used them. Jervis became the friendly leader of a lovable band of pirates named the Yellowbellies, and Russo became a magician.
Bosses were the same way – I get a look at them, see how well I can replicate them in sprite form with Game Character Hub, and see where I can make adjustments and compromises.
Repa Lec – What is your favorite part/s of game developing and/or graphic designing?
The two best parts, easily, are that they provide an outlet for creativity (one that I’ll have to refine in the future, since I’ve only recently begun to stray outside my norm with graphic design and The Ballad of Notwinski was made literally as I was learning the ins and outs of VX Ace), and of course, the reactions to them. Seeing a chat descend into GODDAMMIT REP, YES REP is always nice to see; and having people tell me they liked TBON, telling me it helped them feel better, it’s incredible.
May you describe the pay your own price game that you are making and Brawllad?
Repa Lec -As far as those go, the PWYW game is going to be completely unrelated to nL or Ballad of Notwinski. I just don’t feel right charging people for what’s basically long-form fanservice. With any luck, that picks up some traction, and I put anything that makes toward Fighting Back. As far as a story goes, the core concept is the Kubler-Ross model, the stages of grief. I had originally envisioned it as a game where your main character gets weaker over time because they’re sick, and the people you would encounter – each representing a stage – would react to you in the way that stage corresponds. I rejected it, at least in that form, because I found it a little TOO depressing.
Brawllad, on the other hand, it’s the Smash Bros. clone with nL characters; that, I probably announced way, way too early. Not only is it gonna be leagues harder to pull off than Ballad (Unity is a way bigger animal to tame than RPG Maker, that’s for sure), but unless I reached out and hoped there were others in the fanbase with skills I’d need, willing to work for little to no compensation… I dunno.
As far as scheduling goes right now, I’m putting the final touches and the final thank-you notes from fans in Ballad of Notwinski 1. The last day to submit those is this coming Wednesday, August 10th, with the final update going live, at the latest, next weekend. During this, I’ll also be pulling double-time to try and get the PWYW game done and ready by the week of the marathon. After that (and the marathon), focus shifts to learning Unity and Ren’Py while locking down a story for Ballad of Notwinski 2.


Asking Wrestling Twitter (What is the best school based wrestling wrestlers?)

My Attempt of #YTR #GloriousBomb

Sandwich of the Month

This Friday at 3 pm EST (12 A Clock San Diego Time) @newLEGACYinc is doing a gaming live and  Repa Lec  stream to support  Fighting Back

Stay classy San Diego this like, share, comment, and subscribe.



I enjoy wrestling, does wrestling enjoy me. Not sure.

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