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WHAM and Cheese Issue 3 The Animal Edition (When The First Ever Sandwich of the Month, Shigehiro Irie, Kobe Durst, The Gecko Roman Wrestler Argus, Where is Batista, and more)

Welcome to the third issue Wham and Cheese. This is the first themed issue in this is Animal edition. If every single animal on planet Earth reads this wrestling thing will be the most read wrestling thing in history. We have gecko, a diamond in the rough with the eye of a tiger, and someone who claims to have the wrestling style as bull fighter. Also here it will be first time and hopefully not the last in recorde typed history (I not sure) I will try to plug something cool through the power sandwich. I find where Deacon Bautista.


The Gecko Roman Wrestler Argus


What inspired you to use to Greco-Roman style of pro wrestling?

GRWA – This one realizes that wrestling as we know and see it today is rooted in the Grecian style, using the upper body to lock, suplex and pin an opponent to the mat. The tools are very effective and can be easily introduced amongst the set of lucha, catch and puroresu skills this one is learning at The Wrestlefactory. In summation, what is old is once again new via this one’s Gecko-Roman Wrestling style.

What are some of your favorite things about wrestling?

GRWA – This one’s favorite aspect of pro wrestling is the community environment every event creates. There is a hive mind like desire for justice and excellence among the viewer, and a shared relationship between our success as athletes and the fan’s desire to see us succeed.

You have teamed with fellow reptilians like the snake Ophidian and a dragon Shynron, what is it like teaming with these two?

GRWA – Snake Pit forms like Voltron, and Ophidian’s the head. This one imagines Shynron makes the legs lending us the unique flight pattern and movement he is known for. If Eddie Kingston still has some venom he would certainly be our flailing arms, opening the pit up and disrespecting our surroundings. This one sees himself as the dense torso of Snake Pit, containing the heart and guts. This one will not surrender without taking a piece of the enemy with this one; duly this one will never back down from any fighter or challenge.

Earlier this year, you had Pokemon like evolution in your face and singlet, what was is like?

GRWA – This one evolves, changes and will continue to grow. The latest set of scales marks an increased confidence and ability in the ring for this one.

Earlier this year, you had Pokemon like evolution in your face and singlet, what was is like?

GRWA – This one evolves, changes and will continue to grow. The latest set of scales marks an increased confidence and ability in the ring for this one.

Last year you gecko Roman wrestled in two of the most unique matches of that year when you faced viral internet sensation Joey Ryan in a candy match (IWA Soft Core Cup)

GRWA – To fight an athlete the caliber of Joey Ryan was a challenge and a personal thrill, though a Candy Land match was heavily in his favor. There were no holds barred but this one believes Joey’s use of bad touch really threw this one of his game. Knowing what we know now, this one is glad he didn’t return the favor. This one is proud to say he stood toe to toe with a viral sensation, an adult web ambassador and a multi-time DDT Heavy-Metalweight champion. Would love to stand across the mat from the sleazy one again! … Just might wear a cup.

and you where also part of eleven vs eleven tag match (National Pro Wrestling Day 2015) what was it like taking part of this match?

The 22 person tag match at this one’s first National Pro Wrestling Day was an experience hard to duplicate. At one point the entire arena is engaged in a chain submission, and as a little baby this one personally shed a little tear. Eventually this one mustered some bravery; have you ever stood on the shoulders of 10 of your brothers in hopes to squash one of your enemies from on high? It’s a daunting and intimidating task. Worth it though to help the cause of NPWD, an annual charity event pledging to change the world in some way through the positive power of pro wrestling.

To get it out of the way very quickly this one can be found on Facebook, all other social media is under “CatchArgus” if humans would like to follow.

This one wanted you to check out these things

“This one is hungry for the fight! Promoters, the Gecko Roman Wrestler “The Watcher” Argus (that is to say : this one) is a few keys and a click away through This one wants to know why you haven’t tried CHIKARAtopia yet! Chikara’s premium streaming service runs an endless stream of wrestling with exclusive content and shows. Catch the new Hour of Power series premiering 6/26/16 (premiered after the interview) via the never-ending fun-filled lucha super party that is!”

Kobe Durst


How would describe your wrestling style?

Kobe – I think the best way to describe my wrestling style would be hard hitting. I’m not as flashy as some of the boys out there, so trying to be efficient, and effective is always on my mind. At the same time, I’m short as hell, so the top rope, dives, etc., there definitely in my arsenal. At the end of the day, you have to be ruthless though.

What are some/one of your favorite aspects of pro wrestling?

Kobe – They’re two aspects that really appeal to me about pro wrestling. One is the athleticism. During the week, I work as a personal trainer, so when I see raw athletes who have trained hard, and are beasts at what they do, I get excited. That’s with any sport though.. The other aspect would be the entertainment value. There isn’t a lot of things that can compare to pro wrestling. The different match ups that can take place, and the stories that we as performers can tell, is really quite incredible.

In Alpha 1 Wrestling you have been unpinable and unsubmitable, what do you think has attributeid to your success in A1W?

Kobe Durst – Well, i was unstoppable until i lost my belt to DelBruno. However, the athletic capacity, combined with ruthless aggression is how I’ve managed to stay on top until then. Doing whatever it takes to win, combined with just being better than your opponent has led to my success.
Where did the name the Diamond Tiger come from?
Kobe Durst – It actually started as a rib on me. Years ago, there was a manager in Ontario named Kyle Davenport. On the side, he would help edit wrestling  footage together for promoters, under the brand ‘Diamond Tiger Entertainment’. When I started, Kyle Davenport took a liking to me, and we became friends over time. So people started calling me “Diamond Tiger” Kobe Durst… Personally though, i have always looked at it as “Diamond in the rough, with the eye of the tiger”.
Over the last seven months, you and Space Monkey have went, and you have became regulars in many promotions (Smash Infinity and Freelance) what it is like traveling with the monkey from space and being so in demand?
Kobe Durst – The monkey tells the worst stories. Over, and over again, with needless detail… It drives me insane. In terms of being in demand, its awesome. All the hard work paying off, and growing as product is very rewarding.

You talked earlier about your ruthless aggression, you have some of most intense promo photos in wrestling and also had a mega intense match at Watch The Throne against Heidi Lovelace; where does this intensity come from?

Kobe Durst – When I started, it was never there. I would just go through the motions, and you could tell. I’ve since learned to channel my aggression. If you watch me in the back before a match, you will see me pacing back and forth, thinking of stressful times in my life, in an attempt to work myself into a frenzy before i walk through the curtain.
(Like his page on Facebook: DiamondTiger’ Kobe Durst and Follow on Twitter and Instagram @kobedurst)

Shigehiro Irie

How do you describe your wrestling style

Shigehiro Irie -Bull fighter and emotional

What are do you enjoy a lot about wrestling
Shigehiro Irie – Audience give me much love
What are some of your favorite Disney movies
Shigehiro Irie – Beauty And The Beast and Aladdin
In 2013 you main evented DDT Ryogoku Peter Pan, what was it like
Shigehiro Irie -I was very nervous
What is something that you would like to do in your journey to the US
Shigehiro Irie -I want to be a champion.and I want go to Disney world!

Random Wrestling Thing  Note


It is Victor The Bear vs at time the WWA World champion The Destroyer This match is from AWA. Jimmy Lennon is the ring announcer and the uncle of the Lennon Sisters. This bear is using the Catch Point philosophy. The bear said if he does not grapple it will go in a steel  cage, I am not sure how that would work. The Destroyer is on commentary commentating his match very strange. They said referee’s cannot speak Bear talk, which the second most used international language. The bear does respect the value of lucha by choking and trying to remove The Destroyer’s mask. It is said the bear is natural wrestler. There is a dusty finish to this match might battle again in the territory. The Bear wins by some obscure disqualifications. The Destroyer was right on the bear thing he ended up getting sponsorship with Coca Cola.

Where In the World is Deacon Bautista

Deacon Bautista was main stay on Smack Down during the early Smack Down six era helping the D-Von Dudley fund. He has not been on disappeared after since August 29, 2002  ( that is 13 years, 10 months, 2 weeks ago, and 2 days ago thank you after betraying Reverend D-Von Dudley  (Who is still culminated as week). Some say he legally changed his the easier to phonetically spell David Batista, became multiple time World Champion, having a very questionable mid section, and became known for being blue. What I hear Hakushi (Jinsei Shinzaki’s cousin in law,  he sporadically in the Japanese wrestling circut after leaving the WWF) convinced italian ice food truck, both are now currently they happiest they ever been. Shinja even visits on occasionally.


Sandwich of the Month, Sponsored By #BookIrie

The sandwich of the month, is sponsored by Shigehiro Irie you he is coming to the United States soon.You can check him out on Twitter (@tachimukau_irie and his DM’s are open baby) and Facebook (he’s my friend). You can also email me at He is a very super nice person. AND THE SECOND AND NOW IN THIS INTRODUCTION ITS THE SANDWICH OF THE MONTH!

Its A Grilled Cheese



I enjoy wrestling, does wrestling enjoy me. Not sure.

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