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WHAM and Cheese Issue 2 (Holidead, Betty Nanners, Particle Don, Space Monkey, and More)

Three artist and a Monkey




What do you enjoy about most wrestling?

Holidead- The way it makes me feel, its hard to describe but nothing and I mean literally nothing gives me the overwhelming drive, and desire than putting on tights to beat the cr*p out of someone… like seriously. Wrestling is like a drug, it gives me an incredible indescribable high, I hate to be without it. It’s my first love, always and forever.
Why do you think the dark side is indeed the best side?

The darkside is the best side because its that other half people are afraid to embrace, that side people are afraid to admit they have in them with fear of being judged or looked at funny, We should be okay not only with the skin we are in but what’s beyond that and embrace what we’re afraid to let others see.The darkside can be a very comforting place believe it or not.

How would you describe your style?

Holidead- Strong, snug, steady, intense in your face kinda style mixed with a little creep/freak I suppose, I mean I do lick body parts from time to time so however you want to describe that. Guess I just like to taste my work ya know, all about them feels.

A little known fact about you is that you are also an artist, how would you compare a drawing canvas/painting canvas between a  pro wrestling canvas?

Holidead- Funny you say that, wrestling itself is an art, the ring is a canvas, and every time you step in that ring you want to create. Art comes in many forms and people either get it or they don’t. In the ring you are painting a picture for everyone in hopes that you can portray to them your own interpretation of what you hope to be a masterpiece. Not all art is for everyone, but those that get it, they appreciate it. Like all art, some won’t be your best pieces, but with time and with each piece/match you hope to do better and create something more beautiful than the last time. And like any piece of art, you learn from your past work, what worked well, what not to do again, things to keep as a ‘signature’ thing for you, and the more you practice at it, the more you get better.

In one of the most intense matches I have seen live all year was at FCW between you versus your sister/ tag teammate/ fellow face paint haver Thunder Rosa, what is like when you face someone that you know extremely well?

Holidead – Facing someone you know well carries many different emotions, especially if it is someone you consider a friend. Thunder Rosa is my sister and one of my best friends, we know each others strengths, weaknesses, what ticks each other off, how to annoy one another, how to make each other better. I feel we have the same mindsets, so to go against someone like that you are both coming in wanting to put on the best match possible, and at the same time you are both competitive and want to top one another with each strike and each blow. It seems like with someone you know so well you maybe go a little harder, “balls to the wall” if you will because you know what the other person brings to the table. Having the same drive and passion as your opponent who happens to be your friend to me it only adds to the match, giving it potential to just be better.

You can see Holidead at these shows in this Month


Boo Nanners


What do you enjoy about both wrestling and art?

Boo Nanners – I’ve liked wrestling since I was a little kid. I used to watch it with my dad and grandpa, so it makes me think of good childhood memories with them. And I’ve been “artsy” since I was little too, so it just ended up being two things I liked coming together. Both are fun and creative, and a way to make people happy.

How would describe your art style?

Boo Nanners – I try to draw and design things that I think other people would like, most of my designs depend on what people are asking for. I guess I’d say “adaptable” – I like being able to draw all different sorts of things. I really want to create stuff that I would buy, honestly.

What have been your favorite pieces to work on?

Boo Nanners – My favorite pieces to work on are ones for wrestlers who have really big or well defined gimmicks – it’s fun to toss ideas around with other people while making art for them. Funkos are fun to work on too. My favorite Funko is one I made of Boar from Chikara. It’s easier to come up with ideas for wrestlers who have a strong idea of who they are and what image they want to put out there for their fans.

How would you compare using a (3D Platform) funko vs (a flat platform) paper?

Boo Nanners – Funkos allow you a little bit more creative leeway, they’re more time consuming to create. It’s easy to draw, scan and color an art piece, but with Funkos, you have to prep them, sculpt things or build pieces to be added. It’s all art, though.


You can also check her on her twitter ( and facebook (


Particle Don


What do you about combine wrestling and music?

Particle Don – I write songs about what I know, and that happens to be wrestling.

How do you come your deep very specific lyrics?

Particle Don – When writing about a wrestler, I research their moveset and career history. I then convert these facts and information morsels into rhyming poems.

How did feel when wrestlers (Drake Younger, Ethan Page, and Danny Havoc) use your songs as a entrance theme?

Particle Don – It is an incredible accomplishment, and an honor. As far as I know, there haven’t been too many times in wrestling history where a fan has wrote an official entrance theme for a wrestler. Another big accomplishment was when both Danny and Drake used my entrance themes at Tournament of Death 2012 during their big match, and Havoc put me over on the mic before the fight!

What has been your favorite song\songs to works?

Particle Don – Honestly, I enjoy working on every single song. Each one poses a unique challenge, as I need to research and learn details about the particular competitor. Sometimes, I already know a lot of info on a wrestler just from picking up on stuff over the years. It was fun working on the Drake n’ Bake track, because Drake himself requested that I write the song. Same goes for Bleed for a Living and Danny. I’m having a great time right now writing a song about Randi West that I can’t wait to share with you on Crimson Mask Vol. 3. I think the Mean Street Posse song turned out well.

(At IWA Mid-South’s King of the Deathmatches August 6th, Crimson Mask Vol. 3 will be released  check it out guys)


Space Monkey


(Note, I do not speak fluent space monkey, so I needed a translator after the Interveiw I lost their contact)

How would you describe your wrestling style

Space Monkey – Lucha-Monkey

What are some of your favorite aspects about wrestling

Space Monkey – In the ring, whether I do comedy (really dumb things) or land big strikes or flip and fly around onto my opponents, I have fun and really enjoy entertaining everyone watching.
You have had tag team partners with many wrestlers, how is adjusting to teaming with so many friends so easily?
Space Monkey – Easier to adjust after I gained more experience. Me found the best way is to combine signature moves that work together and think of some sweet new moves that fit both our styles.
What is it like being in outer space
Space Monkey – Sometimes cold, sometimes hot. Me! occupy self during the week with training and relax with TV, movies, and video games until next wrestling match!
Speaking of training, you were recently training with Psychotic Mike Rollins in montage form, what was is like training with Rollins
Space Monkey – Psycho Mike’s training very tough! At end of his training session, so tired, Me! not realize when he ask me my finishing move so he can plan strategy!!
You recently also won the Alpha 1 Wrestling Tag Team Champions with Jim Nye The Science Guy, how did it feel to win those belts
Space Monkey – Amazing! Me! and Jim Nye come to Alpha-1 just over 1 year before and try and try but no luck until we have 2 matches in 1 night… then first defense was in ladder match and we succeed!
What/Where does passion for banana’s for come from

Space Monkey – Me! Monkey. Banana’s nutritious and delicious!

(Check out Space Monkey at Twitter/Instagram/Facebook: @PWSpaceMonkey)


Super Dragon In A Place Where You Wouldn’t  Expect to Be

When Super Dragon wrestling in PWG, he is in alot of places. I have seen him in Grocery stores, a week a go I saw him at a Public Broadcasting Service kids tv show Dragon Tales, it got pretty much indeed very weird.


Random Wrestling Thing

An appreciation of the maskstache

Picture7Shane Storm is modeling the mourning after, what its what you like after a hard day of construction work the job is hard but, he is ready for it.

Picture5Jervis Cottenbelly is rocking the brother t because says brother, and stereotypical english people enjoy tea.

Picture3Picture1The Fabulous Bakewell Boys (Jerry and Steakly Bakewell) have the upper lip warmer almost a swinging handler, but not close. 

3ff4ff68e62d7416fad31835db100171 Tiger Mask and 181252143397 Giant Tiger both have the great general side burn motif in form a chop mutton ear warmer styling combo

120414_dasher-hatfield_600 The Old Timey King of Swing Dasher Hatfeild has the double curls going with the swinging handler maskstache..

and Pasquale the Italian Chef

Picture4 Ebessan was the chin goatee  which warms his chin using the swiggle tee if you mix the Bakewells and  Ebessan you get ISW wrestler Pasquale the Italian Chef.jr9cih1


Thank you for reading this

Check out the next edition for interviews withand more.



I enjoy wrestling, does wrestling enjoy me. Not sure.

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