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WHAM and Cheese Issue 1 (Johnny Cockstrong, Danny Limelight Rivera, Dick Justice, Dorian Graves, and More)

The first ever Wham and Cheese this will either be looked the end of wrestling as we know or something awesome.

Johnny Cockstrong


When did you first had super powers?

Johnny Cockstrong – 10 years ago in 2006

How did you learn that you had these powers in 2006?

Johnny Cockstrong – I was on a camping trip near 3 mile island when I was bit by a radioactive spider, in a very sensitive area. I went to bed and when I woke up, something felt different but I tried to not worry about it and ignore it. The next night I went to bed with a woman and thought her screams were out of delight, but it was because I drilled a hole straight through her! After disposing of her body, I knew my life would never be the same again. I made a vow to that poor dead girl that I would honor her memory by fighting crime and evil do-ers in indy wrestling.

How would you describe your wrestling/fighting style?

Johnny Cockstrong – My style is cock-foolery mixed with dangerous bad spots.

In a viral match, that you had with Jerek120 you powers were taken for an exchange with magic powers, how did it feel to be so magical?

Johnny Cockstrong – It was incredibly surreal to not only lose my powers, but also gain the ability to manipulate time. Ever since that freaky Friday,   even though we switched back, I still can occasionally pause or slow time in my matches. I wonder if that means he still has some of my powers too…

What do you enjoy most about pro wrestling/super hero crime fighting in a ring?

Johnny Cockstrong – Aside from defeating the forces of evil within the squared Circle, I really enjoy entertaining the crowd with my antics as well as getting my opponents to do things in matches with me that they may not have had the opportunity to do in more serious matches

(For his new matches check out Beyond Wrestling’s YouTube. Com/beyondemand channel  and get tickets for the May 27th double header shows in Providence: #C5 (a benefit show for Brandon Watts’ recovery) and #GIGANTIC.)


Danny Limelight Rivera


How would you describe your style?

Danny Limelight Rivera- High risk and explosive

What do you enjoy most about wrestling?

Danny Limelight Rivera-I enjoy the adrenaline rush. From the moment my music hits and I step through the curtain till the bell rings 1,2,3 and the crowd is chanting my name and the ref is holding my hand in the air. I also enjoy the brotherhood amongst the fellow wrestlers and the competition

What was like winning the XRT champion?

Danny Limelight Rivera-Winning the XRT championship was the single greatest moment in my wrestling career to date. Defending it against Douglas James was even better!

What your experiences in tag team wrestling vs singles wrestling?

Danny Limelight Rivera- I have had a ton of fun wrestling in singles and standing out on my own, however I have also had tremendous success with Gino Rivera in the tag division. We are killing it and are yet to be pinned in over 6 months teaming together

(You can follow him at Twitter: @dannylimelight, Instagram: @danny_limelight, dannylimelight,, buy his shirts at


Dick Justice


What inspired you to become a Supercop

Dick Justice- I wanted to serve and protect. But I wanted to serve and protect more than just a town, a city, or a state. I wanted to protect the world
Me – What was like with the transition between becoming a just cop to being a cop and pro wrestler

Dick Justice – It’s a tough job. You’re always on call beating up bad guys on the streets, then I go and beat up bad guys in a ring. Justice truly never sleeps

How you describe your wrestling style

Dick Justice – I like to have a good time, but I’ll get down and gritty if I need to
You recently had your finger gun and police officership in Alpha 1 by fellow cop Danny Orlando, do you Danny Orlando and you are having a beef with Jock Samson and Col. Parker why do you think they are targeting you

Dick Justice- They target me because they think I’m weak. They think I’m a buffoon. Danny’s and smug SOB and only got my title because he’s in better shape than me, but I’m working on that. Jock is just plain rotten. He couldn’t beat me physically by himself so he hired Parker and tried to ruin my life. Both of these boys are going to learn the hard way I was the wrong brother to mess with

On a lighter note, earlier this year a live action documentary was uploaded by Savage TECH, what was it like them filming your life?

Dick Justice- Fantastic. It’s fun for people to see what I do when I’m outside a wrestling ring. Savage Tech is a phenomenal company and I look forward to working with them in the future!
(You follow him Twitter – supercopjustice Instagram – supercopjustice Prowrestlingtees – (link: If you find Dick on tinder you gotta swipe swipe right)

Dorian Graves


When did you know you wanted to be a massage therapist?

Dorian Graves – Well after I started wrestling my father fell ill and needed a lot of massage therapy. So to help with the bills I enlisted in massage therapy school with Vsk. I thought If I could become a therapist myself I could ease the weight of the expenses that his therapy was causing my family and at the same time generate some income
Me – You and VSK are notable for using baby oil in your matches, what do think of the state of baby oil in pro wrestling?

Dorian Graves – We feel like baby oil had been used in pro wrestling for a very long time and usually is never acknowledged by referees. Baby oil we feel is a part of wrestling and we use it to our advantage in a way no other wrestler has used it.

How would describe your wrestling style

Dorian Graves – In regards to our wrestling style..we combine stereotypical wrestling offense with massage therapy to create an offense most wrestlers haven’t been trained to deal with. Imagine your body feeling a sense of relaxation and comfort before an intense sensation of pain, or a sense of relaxation while you’re trying to think of an offense to defeat your opponent
(You can represent this message company stay afloat by checking

Wrestlers in Awkward Positions

I have not been able to Jushin Liger. He is illusive in this I keep finding but always seems to get away.

Jushin “Sandwich Artist” Liger


Random Wrestling Thing

Clash Of The Champions #11  “Coastal Crush”

Doug Fernas vs Barry Windham


Before their was Mark Henry (my long lost brother) Doug Furnas was the World’s Strongest Man, I was listening Joe Gagne vs The World with Rob Naylor and he really put over this match by saying it is the one his favorite matches under five minutes so I would go check it out. This match pulled off a really super fun sprint match that showcased Doug Furnas really well. This match was very faced pace for the early 1990s. What stuck out was Doug Furnas being so brown (how he get tan I asked Rob Naylor and he is not sure either and he is wondering about Andre at Wrestlemainia ), he continues so agility and powerfulness. There was a few moves in this match that looked kind of clunky. To the crowd, commentators, and atmosphere was like NBA jam it was`on fire also added a lot to this match. I recommend this match.

Thank you for reading this



I enjoy wrestling, does wrestling enjoy me. Not sure.

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